About Us

About Us

The Vision

Green Solutions for the Blue Economy

The Mission

To deliver cost-efficient, innovative and simple solutions, enabling mass adoption to reduce maritime carbon footprint.

The History

Established in 2011, Sea Forrest is a dynamic company specializing in project management for oil rig construction, afloat repairs, maintenance, and fabrication services. In 2019, we expanded into marine electrification, charging, and energy storage solutions, exemplified by our involvement in the delivery of Singapore’s first hybrid-powered pilot boat. In 2021, BH Global acquired Sea Forrest, and we now operate under the name Sea Forrest Technologies, with subsidiaries, Sea Forrest Power Solutions, and Sea Forrest Engineering.

The Business

Sea Forrest Power Solutions (SFP)

SFP specialises in energy management solutions, through marine electric and hybrid propulsion, marine charging, and marine energy storage systems, developed by in-house talents in the field of electrical, mechanical, mechatronics, automation software and control, marine engineering and marine operations. SFP’s mission is to assist vessel owners with new and existing fleets to make step changes towards 2030 and 2050 decarbonisation targets, with cost effective, retrofittable, and operator-centric solutions.

Sea Forrest Engineering (SFE)

SFE is led by a team of experienced specialist engineers in marine and offshore project management, including oil rigs and offshore platforms construction, afloat ship repair, maintenance, specialised equipment fabrication and installation services. Well-connected in the MRO sector, SFE provides procurement and logistic services of spares for both offshore platforms and vessels. SFE aims to provide a one-stop service to our customers with reliable, timely and affordable MRO solutions.

Our Team



With two decades of hands-on experience in the maritime and offshore industry, George’s illustrious career commenced as a distinguished Keppel scholar, excelling as a project engineer at Keppel Fels. Demonstrating remarkable versatility, he later assumed pivotal roles as project director, CTO, and marketing director at Yantai Raffles Offshore Ltd/CIMC, overseeing a team of 700 engineers and spearheading crucial projects and innovative developments with unwavering passion and expertise.



Capt. Kevin Wong possesses an extensive and distinguished career spanning more than three decades within the maritime industry, encompassing notable roles such as a seagoing officer for 14 years, a commendable 18-year tenure at the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), where he held the esteemed position of Port Master from 2017 to 2022, and an influential position as the General Manager of Group Operations and Sustainable Developments at Penguin Group.



Edmund has over 25 years of experience in the field of accounting and finance. He graduated with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom in 1996 and hold a professional accountancy qualification from the Association of International Accountants, United Kingdom. His position oversees the overall corporate planning, financial reporting, accounting and administration, taxation and fundraising and treasury functions of Sea Forrest Group of companies.



Dr. Tan brings a wealth of expertise in strategizing and guiding technical advancements across various companies, aligning product and technology developments with overarching business objectives, while boasting a distinguished career marked by managerial positions in renowned organizations that emphasize technical leadership, ultimately culminating in the attainment of a PhD degree in Engineering from the esteemed University of Glasgow.

The management team is supported by a young and dynamic team of diverse expertise in automation software & controls, electrical engineering, marine engineering, maritime operations, mechanical engineering and mechatronics.

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