Opening Jobs

As Project Engineer (or Assistant Project Engineer), the incumbent is expected to participate on end-to-end project with client. This starts from receiving enquiry from client on build of product/equipment to final delivery and commission of turn-key product/equipment to client. Details of work is expanded as shown below.


Responsibilities include:

  1. First interact with client upon receiving enquiry and drawing of turn-key product/equipment.
  2. Review the technical drawing of product/equipment in detail to:
      •  Define the type of material required to build this product/equipment
      •  Determine the quantity/amount of material required
      •  Costs of material required to purchase.

    Cycle time about 5 days

  1. Once the costing is completed, the submission proposal given to Technical Manager who will liaise with client on the proposed costs and duration to build the product/equipment.
  1. Upon customer’s acceptance and issuance of Purchase Order to Sea Forrest Engineering, the incumbent has to start sourcing 3 vendors for quotation of materials, shortlist and finalise one supplier for materials. Work with Procurement Admin to issue PO to vendor for supply of materials.
  2. Define project schedule, task list and timeline to ensure timely delivery of turnkey product/equipment to client.
  3. Work closely with in-house operations manufacturing team or external sub-contractor to ensure build of product is within specification, quality, and delivery time. The incumbent is expected to be hands-on working closely, sometimes guiding the manufacturing team to ensure build is to customer’s drawing and specification requirements.
  4. Conduct final on-site test and buy-off product/equipment before delivery to client for commissioning and use.
  5. At times, incumbent needs to liaise and connect with third party team/vendor to buy off the product/equipment before sending to client.
  6. Project time is typically 60 days.
  7. Follow through with client on post-delivery support to ensure turn-key product/equipment has no quality or manufacturing issues.


Qualifications Requirement and Personality Traits

Diploma or Degree in Engineering – Mechanical preferred. If discipline is not directly related but have work experience in Marine and Offshore engineering projects, that would be considered related too.

Incumbent should have good project management skills besides other related technical or mechanical engineering knowledge and skills that would be required for this role. Pleasant personality able to interact and articulate clearly with clients, vendors and supporting business partners.

Positive attitude, able to multi-task, willing to roll-up sleeves, eye for details, team-player and be hands-on, has good initiative, is systematic, detailed, organised and can work independently and responsibly with minimal supervision. Not a work to rule hour type of person but one who is bounded to work delivery even if it takes to work beyond the normal office hours, at times.

Preferably Singaporeans or Permanent Residents.

Upon receiving the project awarded by client to Sea Forrest Power Solutions, the incumbent will be responsible for:

  1. Scoping the project work ensuring end product meets clients’ requirements and expected date of delivery.
  2. Producing the schedule, plan, and timeline of the project.
  3. Monitor and follow through closely on the project, working with cross functional teams to ensure project is in order, meets clients’ drawing requirements and in accordance to project schedule.
  4. Ensure delivery of the project to Commissioning Engineer to be on-time.

Besides project management, scheduling and follow through, the incumbent will also be responsible for supplying Sea Forrest power solution panels to customers in the shipyard, marine sector, and commercial ship sector.


Qualifications Requirement and Personality Traits

Minimum a Diploma in Engineering – Electrical preferably. Without a related Electrical Engineering discipline, if the incumbent has direct years of experience in handling maintenance/repair of hybrid control panels in the shipyard, ships or marine industry will be an added advantage.

The incumbent should be technically savvy in this field, has good project management skills, team player, has eye for details, works independently, always puts quality at top priority, and is versatile and does not have a work-to rule attitude rather be flexible to work at times beyond office hours to complete the project.

Singaporeans and Permanent Residents preferred.

Both the Power Solution and Engineering Solution divisions of Sea Forrest Technologies are seeking at least five  interns from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with specialisation in either one of these fields : Mechanical Engineering (2 pax), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (3 pax).

What am I expected to do as an Intern at Sea Forrest? Interns will be given the opportunity to be very hands-on and to work closely with experienced Engineers & Project Managers to support in the project coordination of development of new products and enhancement of the current products. Take this as a challenge and as an opportunity to put your skills to project coordinate real-time products and understand how development of these products are rolled out and use commercially. It’s a well-knitted team so you will get to learn a fair bit of practical design along the process