Product Features

The Full Electric Propulsion System is engineered for zero-emission performance, operating solely on electric power. It utilizes onboard lithium-ion batteries to drive both the vessel’s propulsion and onboard systems, relying on both onshore and offshore charging capabilities. Designed for versatility, this system can be retrofitted to existing vessels or integrated into new builds, making it suitable for a range of applications, including harbor tugs, passenger ferries, supply boats, and harbor launches.

Electrical motor driven, zero emission

Power source - onboard lithium-ion battery and plug-in charging from shore

Charging infrastructure (shore & offshore) required.

Retrofittable to existing vessels or new-builds

Application: Harbour tugs, passenger ferries, supply boats, harbour launches, etc.

Product Features

The Full Electric-Ready Propulsion System is designed to facilitate significant progress toward achieving zero-emissions in marine operations. It integrates lithium-ion batteries, electric motors and generator, in a serial hybrid configuration, allowing for adaptable power sources. Notably, it provides the flexibility for future retrofitting, seamlessly incorporating plug-in and fuel cells as alternatives to the generator when required. Designed for vessels with substantial hotel loads or varied operating profiles, including bunker tankers, harbor tugs, and supply boats, this system excels in optimizing efficiency and ensuring adaptability to emerging energy sources.

Electric motor-driven, serial hybrid

Power source – onboard lithium-battery and/or generator

Retrofittable to existing vessels or new builds

Can be retrofitted with plug-in & fuel cells (replacing generator)

Applications - Bunker tankers, harbour tugs, supply boats, etc.

Suitable for vessels with varying operating profiles.

Delivered Project

Victory Pte Ltd Converts Fleet to Electrical Propulsion

  • Conversion of existing bunker fleet of six vessels to full electric ready (FER) propulsion
  • Fitted with a ’plug-in’ system to improve energy efficiency and move towards zero-emissions performance

In the growing Green Energy sector, Sea Forrest supports renewable energy initiatives involving wind, solar, and tidal farms. We specialize in manufacturing, installing, and commissioning cable lay equipment, ensuring high-quality and reliable systems that meet strict standards for both onshore and offshore operations. Our expertise extends to constructing and integrating energy storage system (ESS) platforms onto vessels and offshore platforms.

Product Features

The Green Hybrid Propulsion System is a versatile solution tailored for maritime applications. It integrates electric motors with diesel engines and lithium-ion batteries in a parallel hybrid configuration. With seamless control for switching between diesel and electric modes, it minimizes training time and operator workload. This system is well-suited for retrofitting existing vessels or integrating it into new builds. It also provides compatibility with alternative net-zero fuels and plug-in options, allowing flexibility for future energy sources. Designed for vessels with both high-speed and loitering profiles, including pilot boats, wind farm crew transfer vessels, fast crew boats, and patrol crafts, it effectively balances efficiency and eco-friendly performance.

Electric motor & engine-driven, parallel hybrid

Seamless control between Diesel and Electric modes, reduce operator’s training time and workload

Retrofittable to existing vessels or new builds

Accepts alternative fuels & retrofitted with plug-in

Suitable for vessels with high-speed and loitering operating profiles.

Applications – Pilot boats, Wind farm CTVs, Fast crew boats, Patrol crafts etc

Product Features

Sea Forrest has introduced a solar-powered propulsion system designed for service boats operating in inland waters. When combined with Sea Forrest’s proprietary electric rim drives and onboard lithium-ion batteries, this system exemplifies the effective utilization of natural energy.

  • Solar energy powered
  • Onboard lithium-batteries
  • Sea Forrest proprietary electric rim drive for propulsion
  • Reservoir service boats, solar farm service boats, etc.
  • Meets operation profile for reservoir maintenance work

Product Features

The Green Cabin is an innovative hybrid solution that efficiently uses surplus engine power for energy generation and storage. It stores excess power to bridge the gap when the generator output falls short, providing peak-shaving and energy storage functions. The Green Cabin can significantly reduce emissions during idle or loitering operations when the ship’s generators are turned off. It is adaptable for both existing vessels and new builds, making it suitable for various marine applications, such as fast crew boats, ferries, offshore support vessels, tankers, and container ships.

Taps excess energy from propulsion engines to generate electricity

Peak-shaving and energy storage functions, powers hotel load when generators are off

Retrofittable to existing vessels or new-builds

Applications – Fast crew boats, ferries, offshore support vessels, tankers, and container ships

Product Features

SEAGEN 11, the first marinized lithium-ion battery system designed, assembled and type-approved by ship classification societies in Singapore for marine propulsion, offers a flexible and modularized design. Developed in collaboration with GenPlus Pte Ltd, it allows for versatile installation and easy configuration of battery modules to meet varying voltage requirements across different marine platforms and confined spaces.

Product Features

The Energy Cube is a versatile solution designed for marine and offshore applications, serving as an advanced peak-shaving and backup power system. Housed in a robust 20-ft container, it seamlessly integrates into vessel and platform power systems, both on board and on land, and is available in configurations 12, 12+, 18, and 18+ to accommodate a wide range of power requirements. Ideal for deployment in diverse settings, including oil rigs, offshore platforms, FPSO, cranes, winches, AHTS, PSV, SOV containerships, tankers, bulk carriers, and car carriers, the Energy Cube offers seamless integration and performance optimization. With regenerative power storage capabilities, it aligns with evolving industry standards for a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Complementing the Energy Cube is the Tesseract Charging System, which efficiently converts flared gas, a byproduct of oil extraction, into valuable electrical energy for future use, enhancing its environmentally conscious capabilities.

  • Peak shaving for marine & offshore vessels & platforms
  • Backup power solutions
  • Regenerative power storage
  • 20-ft container
  • Energy Cube 12, 12+, 18, 18+
  • Applicable Oil Rigs, Offshore Platforms, FPSO, Cranes, Winches, AHTS, PSV, SOV Containerships, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Car Carriers, etc.

Product Features

The electrification of vessels necessitates the establishment of charging infrastructure. In achieving a comprehensive electrification ecosystem, Sea Forrest introduces its inaugural Marine Smart Energy Charging System, utilizing direct current (DC) technology for swift charging. Designed with versatility in mind, this system is adaptable for both onshore and offshore applications. Comprising the Charging Arm, Energy Pillar, and Power Pillar, it incorporates constant tension cables and connections to effectively counteract the vertical and lateral movements of vessels, ensuring operational stability and efficiency.

  • Consist of Charging Arm, Energy Pillar and Power Pillar
  • Constant tension cable & connections
  • 300kWh, 400A, max 950V
  • Suitable for harbour launches, supply boats, tugs, ferry boats, pleasure craft, etc