Energy Storage System (ESS)

Energy Storage System (ESS)

As electric vessels start to gain popularity among the masses, there needs to be a way to store the electrical energy.

Sea Forrest has engineered and designed the Green Cabin, a one stop solution to storing excess energy generated by the engine to be utilised as hotel load or on non-essential applications. This system reduces potential environmental impact and shows improvements for indoor environmental quality for better health and wellbeing.

The Green Cabin also has a scalable modular design to fit any customer’s preference, making it a portable and durable solution for any electric vessel. It is also highly customizable allowing Sea Forrest to make continual improvement on it. Installation will help with reducing emission during idling/loitering operations when the ship engine is turned off.

Traditional batteries are an area of concern due to their limited shelf and use life, causing wastage of natural resources for continual production of new batteries which in turn produces substantial environmental harm as well. The Green Cabin can eliminate the potential for extra energy and material waste.

Sea Forrest has also been working towards the development of Energy Cube, an Energy Storage System, that can be integrated onboard or on land into the vessel’s power system seamlessly. This Offshore Energy Cube with Tesseract Charging System converts gas associated to oil extraction (flaring) into electrical energy for electrified vessels.