Sea Forrest Awarded Contract by Strategic Marine Singapore to Deliver Singapore’s first hybrid Crew Transfer Vessel

Sea Forrest Awarded Contract by Strategic Marine Singapore to Deliver Singapore’s first hybrid Crew Transfer Vessel

Sea Forrest Awarded Contract by Strategic Marine Singapore to Deliver Singapore’s first hybrid Crew Transfer Vessel

Singapore, 15 June 2022 – BH Global Corporation Ltd. (“BH Global” or the “Group”) is pleased to announce that Sea Forrest Power Solutions Pte. Ltd. (“SFP”), a majority-owned subsidiary company of the Group under the Integration Engineering Division, has been successfully awarded a contract by Strategic Marine (S) Pte. Ltd. (“SMS”) to develop and supply Singapore’s first hybrid Crew Transfer Vessel (“CTV”).

When fully operational, 24 offshore service/industrial personnel and three crew members can be accommodated within the hybrid vessel travelling at a maximum of 26 knots. The parallel hybrid system boasts a reduction in main engine hours and maintenance, significantly reduces vessel noise and vibration and, depending on the vessel’s operational profile and charging facilities, is expected to reduce the vessel’s operational carbon footprint.

The CTV have been designed to meet the specific requirements of Bureau Veritas Marine (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“BV”). The scheduled delivery date will be around the 1st quarter 2023 and the CTV will be deployed in European waters.

The retrofittable system supplied by SFP utilizes Danfoss Editron motors and drives. It uses a propriety control system designed and developed in-house by SFP’s team in Singapore. The system is designed with an architecture that allows for future firmware upgrades for efficiency improvement.

This vessel marks progression in BH Global’s Sustainability Goals to build a Sustainable Future focusing on initiatives related to the themes of Environment, Electrification and Digitalisation.

SFP is also engaged in constant strategic Research and Development to help shape and deliver our promise in providing Sustainable Solutions. Undertaking this project provides an opportunity for SFP to grow and improve on existing innovative ideas and products, and to drive values for sustainable and commercial growth.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Vincent Lim, Chief Executive Officer of BH Global, said that “We are equipped with the experience and technical knowledge to promote electrification within Singapore’s waters. Developing the hybrid propulsion systems for CTV brings us one step closer towards fulfilling our goals for marine sustainability.”

Mr. George Lee, Chief Executive Officer of SFP, also mentioned that “There is a growing demand for Marine Sustainable Solutions, and we are proud to develop agnostic solutions that are retrofittable. As we approach Singapore Green Plan 2030 and the Paris Climate Action Plan, SFP aims to achieve a complete home grown sustainable eco-system by continuing to provide plug-in solutions for Singapore’s electric-hybrid and pure electric propulsion systems.”

Partners to this vessel have gone into an MOU on 12th May 2022 to successfully complete and deliver the hybrid CTV.

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