Full Electric-Ready (FER) Propulsion System

Full Electric-Ready (FER) Propulsion System

Product Features

The Full Electric-Ready Propulsion System is designed to facilitate significant progress toward achieving zero-emissions in marine operations. It integrates lithium-ion batteries, electric motors and generator, in a serial hybrid configuration, allowing for adaptable power sources. Notably, it provides the flexibility for future retrofitting, seamlessly incorporating plug-in and fuel cells as alternatives to the generator when required. Designed for vessels with substantial hotel loads or varied operating profiles, including bunker tankers, harbor tugs, and supply boats, this system excels in optimizing efficiency and ensuring adaptability to emerging energy sources.

Electric motor-driven, serial hybrid

Power source – onboard lithium-battery and/or generator

Retrofittable to existing vessels or new builds

Can be retrofitted with plug-in & fuel cells (replacing generator)

Applications - Bunker tankers, harbour tugs, supply boats, etc.

Suitable for vessels with varying operating profiles.

Delivered Project

Victory Pte Ltd Converts Fleet to Electrical Propulsion

  • Conversion of existing bunker fleet of six vessels to full electric ready (FER) propulsion
  • Fitted with a ’plug-in’ system to improve energy efficiency and move towards zero-emissions performance