Green Hybrid Propulsion System

Green Hybrid Propulsion System

Product Features

The Green Hybrid Propulsion System is a versatile solution tailored for maritime applications. It integrates electric motors with diesel engines and lithium-ion batteries in a parallel hybrid configuration. With seamless control for switching between diesel and electric modes, it minimizes training time and operator workload. This system is well-suited for retrofitting existing vessels or integrating it into new builds. It also provides compatibility with alternative net-zero fuels and plug-in options, allowing flexibility for future energy sources. Designed for vessels with both high-speed and loitering profiles, including pilot boats, wind farm crew transfer vessels, fast crew boats, and patrol crafts, it effectively balances efficiency and eco-friendly performance.

Electric motor & engine-driven, parallel hybrid

Seamless control between Diesel and Electric modes, reduce operator’s training time and workload

Retrofittable to existing vessels or new builds

Accepts alternative fuels & retrofitted with plug-in

Suitable for vessels with high-speed and loitering operating profiles.

Applications – Pilot boats, Wind farm CTVs, Fast crew boats, Patrol crafts etc